Monthly Music Roundup – July 2022

The stars of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest have released an impressive handful of singles this month with one artist in particular capitalising on their recent trajectory by releasing an EP. 

Single: Subwoolfer – Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song)

Trust the banana loving wolves to return with another innuendo-ridden, fruit-based song. This time Subwoolfer sing about peaches…you know. 

Melocoton is funny but it’s equal in production class. The song goes hard and it’s an essential for summer playlists. 

Single: Ronela Hajati – Caramel

Ronela Hajati’s first attempt to penetrate the Italian music scene was done with a sweet and playful song called Caramel

It’s far removed from her previous releases in Albanian but it’s an impressive side project that will be easy to support if she keeps it up. 

Single: wrs & Andromache – If You Were Alone

The unlikely collaboration between wrs and Andromache was welcomed with open arms by their respective fan groups and should be appreciated all round. 

If You Were Alone is very much a Llámame B-side. That’s not a negative because Llámame itself is a summer banger for the ages despite its simplicity. 

Single: S10, BLØF – Laat Me Los

S10 teamed up with Dutch rock band BLØF for her first release since participating in Eurovision. 

With Laat Me Los they explored a poignant story of the pain and suffering associated with loss from two different perspectives. The track is a perfect package. 

Single: Andrea – Close To the Sun

Andrea released Close To the Sun and revealed it was very close to being her Eurovision entry. 

The track is slightly wide of the mark by not reaching the heights that Circles reached but it’s a more gentle song that allows Andrea to show off the style of music she does best. 

EP: Rosa Linn – Snap Pack

With her song Snap making remarkable waves on TikTok, Rosa Linn released an EP with a few different versions to please every audience. 

Snap Pack features the original version of the song as well as an acoustic version, the new Low and Slow and High and Fast interpretations. A toned down acoustic version makes an appearance as well as the previously released remix by Fargo that isn’t getting nearly enough attention as it should be. 

Single: Emma Muscat feat. Blas Cantó – La stessa lingua

If the surprise collaboration by wrs and Andromache wasn’t enough, Emma Muscat teamed up with Spain’s Blas Cantó in a move nobody saw coming. 

This is Cantó’s first release in Italian. He still sings some elements in his native Spanish but Italian suits him well. 

Single: Monika Liu – Bossa

Monika Liu’s new track Bossa will make you feel the same way you felt when you heard Sentimentai for the first time. 

Bossa is interesting and irritating in equal parts. Go and make your own mind up. 

Single: Ronela Hajati – Valle

Back in Albanian for her second release within the month, Ronela Hajati is on more comfortable and familiar ground with Valle

It’s not the best song Hajati has ever released but it’s authentically her. 

Single: Alvan – DCAI

Released on his album Magma back in May, new single DCAI really deserves to be making waves. 

This is a fast-paced release with some elements of funk to make Alvan’s electronic sound even fresher. 

Single: Ochman feat. Opał – Bittersweet

This is a dark and impressive single by Ochman. Bittersweet is full of contrasts with eerie undertones that carry the track from start to finish. 

Appearances from Polish rapper Opał give the song more gravitas but it’s Ochman’s operatic voice that is the star of the show.

Single: LUM!X – Club Sound

Short. Sharp. EDM banger. Get it on. Nothing more to add.

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