EP: Rosa Linn – Snap Pack Review

Image – Nvak Collective

Rosa Linn has released an EP of alternative versions of her song Snap, capitalising on the rampant success that the track is currently enduring. 

When Snap was originally released as Armenia’s Eurovision entry it split opinion harshly. Since then it has been on an upward trajectory that didn’t really kick into top gear until well after the contest in May. 

Snap (High and Fast) will sound familiar to users of TikTok with the song having been used by creators more than 250k times. The pace of this new version breathes more life into the song and allows it to knock on the door of familiarity to bands such as Smith and Thell. 

Bringing things down a notch on Snap Pack is Snap (Low and Slow) which isn’t as captivating a version as the more uptempo single but it is more true to the original and intended style of the track. 

The acoustic version is the most charming three-and-a-half minutes on this EP. Rosa Linn shows off a more tender and enchanting vocal that might leave you wondering what could have been if this stripped back version was the Eurovision entry. 

Released last month, Fargo’s remix of Snap elevates the song and is on par with High and Fast in terms of the way it impresses. 

The original version of Snap itself acts as the closer of this EP. Having heard the other four versions before this plays, it allows a newfound appreciation for the composition and Rosa Linn herself to seep through and prevail as the overriding emotion.

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