Single: Emma Muscat feat. Blas Cantó – La stessa lingua Review

Image – Warner Records

Eurovision alumni Emma Muscat and Blas Cantó have teamed up to bless us with a surprise collaboration perfectly timed for the hot, hot summer. 

La stessa lingua (English: The Same Language) is ushered in by Muscat’s muffled, echoing vocals which soon give way to her delightfully annunciated Italian in the first verse. Cantó joins in for the pre-chorus on what is his first release in Italian. It suits him well. His native Spanish makes a few fleeting appearances which add texture to the listening experience. 

A Mediterranean mix of multi-instrumentation gives the chorus of La stessa lingua its backbone and kick. The addition of harmonies from Muscat and Cantó peaking in the chorus is a welcome addition to the track. 

The unsurprising language that the pair sing about is love. Metaphors and similes are aplenty but the obviousness isn’t harsh enough to make the track any less credible. 

Dear Emma and Blas. More of this please. Yours, all of us.

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