Album: Amanda Tenfjord – In Hindsight Review

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Amanda Tenfjord’s debut record is a dynamic and honest musical illustration of finding, embracing, losing and regretting love. 

In Hindsight packs 13 tracks, all of which capture different times and emotions in Tenfjord’s previous relationship. Those tracks aren’t in any order, demonstrating the complexity of the story the record is telling. 

Previous singles Plans and I’ll Stay are both brutally sad and show Tenfjord realising something that once was is now no more. What Are the Odds? is more of a questioning as to whether the relationship is over with deep, moody and reflective instrumentation. 

This is What it Feels Like explodes into life with euphoric calling vocals, crashing drums and vibrant guitars. “You make me higher than high when I’m lower than low” Tenfjord sings. Along with that lyrical accompaniment, the music does give a description of what love feels like in those initial moments. Summer hit All In captures the same expression with its deliberately infectious and exhilarating melody. You can see Tenfjord singing from the rooftops about her joy. 

Tenfjord describes Aman as the most playful track on the record. She’s right. Its Greek and Mediterranean flavours don’t seem out of place despite them only making an appearance six songs in.   

Mornings comes right after Aman on the tracklist. It wakes with an alarm before bleeding into jazzy instrumentation that carries a soft, glowing rhythm to it. Despite its music and the almost trivial topic of hating mornings, Tenfjord tackles the painful and crippling feelings we all face being shielded ever so slightly by being in our settings of comfort. 

Eurovision contribution Die Together is a real headphone experience with Tenfjord’s voice slightly synthesised. An explosion of instruments comes at the midpoint and reflects the relationship breaking irreparably. 

With the final two tracks it might be harder than ever to fight back the tears. A List of All the Things That I Regret is just that. The strings match Tenfjord’s heartbreaking self-reproach. The titular In Hindsight is a cathartic realisation that, looking back, what she thought was meant to be was ultimately far away. 

Together with producer Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter and songwriters Bjarte de Presno Borthen, Thea Wang and Hilde Skaar, Tenfjord wrote this record in just three weeks. But tweaked, produced and perfected over a year to ensure In Hindsight was a masterstroke. And a masterstroke it is.

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