Monthly Music Roundup – October 2022

October saw some of the most highly-anticipated releases by some of the most successful Eurovision 2022 representatives, with winners Kalush Orchestra dropping their first single since claiming the win in Turin back in May. 

Single: Amanda Tenfjord – I’ll Stay

What turned out to be the final single release before her debut album, Amanda Tenfjord’s I’ll Stay is a heartbreaking single. 

It teased the overarching nature of her album perfectly. 

Single: Cornelia Jakobs – Rise

Thanks for keeping us waiting, Cornelia. Rise was performed live throughout the summer but we were made to wait months to hear the track in its purest and original form. 

The track is gloriously encouraging pop music. 

Single: Pia Maria – White Noise

White Noise was only Pia Maria’s second solo single release of her career. 

She owns this musical creativity and lets her often-criticised voice do the heavy lifting to devastating effect. 

Album: Amanda Tenfjord – In Hindsight

Kicking off the busiest Friday of the year so far for new music releases, Amanda Tenfjord’s debut record In Hindsight was released to enormous fanfare, and rightly so. 

Stories of finding and losing love are cathartically told through euphoric music and sad lyrics. 

Single: Subwoolfer feat. Luna Ferrari – Howling

Serving fans with more music from their own proven formula, Subwoolfer’s single Howling is another winner. 

It features ‘Luna Ferrari’ who may or may not be someone else famous from the Norwegian music scene. 

Single: Kalush Orchestra & The Rasmus – In The Shadows of Ukraine

Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra’s first single release since winning the contest is a collaboration with Finnish rockers The Rasmus. 

In The Shadows of Ukraine is a reworking of The Rasmus’ 2003 single In The Shadows. The rock sound of The Rasmus’ track is brilliantly resculpted with Kalush Orchestra’s unique folk sound. 

Single: We Are Domi – Alive

Another 2022 artist that kept fans waiting for their follow-up single was We Are Domi. 

Alive was released nearly a year after their Eurovision contribution but its adrenaline-infused pace and signature sounds of the bands make it a rewarding listen. 

Single: Rosa Linn, Duncan Laurence – Would Do It Again

Rosa Linn teamed up with Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence for her first non-Snap release of the year. 

Would Do It Again executes honest storytelling at a high level and proves Rosa Linn isn’t a one-hit wonder.

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