Single: We Are Domi – Alive Review

Image – We Are Domi

We Are Domi’s long-awaited new single is an adrenaline infused anthem packed with the signature sounds of the Czech band. 

Alive is We Are Domi’s first release since their collaboration with fellow Eurovision representatives Lake Malawi. From High-Speed Kissing comes high-speed music. 

Despite kicking off with Dominika Hasek’s vocals being fed through the sound of a cheap radio, the narrative soon changes thanks to smooth production. 

The build to the chorus is slow but rewarding. There’s an anthemic punch of pulsating instrumentation after a repeating call to “Do what makes you feel alive”. Guitarist Casper Hatlestad and keyboardist Benjamin Rekstad add sparkling touches of musical flare to the track. 

If this is what the end result is of writing a song in Leeds, We Are Domi need to head back there to create more songs like this.

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