Single: Lake Malawi and We Are Domi – High-Speed Kissing Review

Image – Holidays Forever

Ambassadors for contemporary and relevant Czech pop music Lake Malawi and We Are Domi have teamed up to create a pleasing masterpiece with their collaboration High-Speed Kissing

We Are Domi frontwoman Dominika Hašková’s crisp and confident vocals lead the track out of its sexy synth intro before making way for the flavourful sound of Albert Černý’s voice. The pair’s vocals intertwine to a perfect and infectious harmony in the chorus. 

High-Speed Kissing’s second verse is a conversational to-and-fro between Hašková and Černý which is an intelligent way of ensuring the song isn’t too repetitive where it doesn’t need to be. 

Lyrically the track is a tale of two who seek romantic thrills away from the lure and pull of drink and drugs. 

You get exactly what you would expect from a track penned by Černý. The addition of all three We Are Domi members takes the single to a new level. More of this please.

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