Australia: Voyager – Promise Review

Image – Voyager

No, I’ve never liked anything like this before. And I don’t like this. 

Released with little anticipation or fanfare, Promise by progressive metal band Voyager is utterly chaotic and wavering. 

What starts out to be the most unsettlingly repetitive song ultimately turns out to be a curation of mishmashed genres. I can’t decide which of those two formative negatives is the most positive. Anyway, did the band go to a jumble sale and buy everything they could at a marked up price? 

Because Promise has so much thrown at it haphazardly, each element doesn’t have time to gain traction and develop into something emotive or memorable. I’ve heard the track four times now and I struggled to recollect the hook after each listen. 

The 15 second breakdown of guitars and keyboards towards the track’s crescendo comes closest to striking a chord, so there’s that, I suppose. 

I’ve listened to it five times now, and I still don’t like it.

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