France: La Zarra – Évidemment Review

Image – La Zarra

A grand intro with strings and brass arranged dutifully is a decoy for Évidemment’s real package. 

France’s La Zarra has offered a song that is miles ahead of its Eurovision predecessor of 2022. Évidemment is palatable, engaging and intriguing. 

As mentioned, the track’s intro is magnificent and impressive. It gives way to La Zarra’s ever-constant vocals which give soul to the verses which are devoid of unnecessary instrumentation and production. Then comes the chorus. 

A flurry of excitable strings usher in a gear change for Évidemment that sparks a rethink. A glossy and sexy bassline underpins what the song is really showing to be one of its strengths. It is surprising little else happens thereafter, but it’s not hugely disappointing. 

Évidemment is rousing and enjoyable, owing to its many differing aspects. Its cross-cultural nature isn’t grating, nor divisive. It’s a borderline experimental piece that works wonders.

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