Spain: Blanca Paloma – Eaea Review

Image – Universal Music

After coming up short in her quest to represent Spain at Eurovision in 2022, Blanca Paloma prevailed in 2023 with her song Eaea

Paloma’s voice is the main attraction here. Her calling vocals that embody the track are consciousness-capturing. She effortlessly clutches attention and doesn’t relinquish it. 

The music is minimal, but the sounds are mystical and spiritual. They pose questions and withhold the answers. 

The song’s composition has been crafted for visual accompaniment and, compared to the live performance, comes up short as a standalone piece of music. Eaea will stretch its legs on stage in Liverpool, just like it did in Benidorm. 

It plays to Eaea’s strengths that it works well live, but as a piece of music it really could strive for more.

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