Estonia: Alika – Bridges Review

Image – Universal Music

Oh, to be so moderate and ordinary in a competition that desires anything but. 

It’s utterly frustrating when a country with such an experimental, carefree and progressive music scene is represented by a song as vanilla and unexpressive as Bridges

The track is so predictable from the opening bars, which are, it must be said, repetitive. And that’s the problem. The repetition stiffles any growth in the song. The chorus, once discovered, is so unrecognisable. 

The bridge is the only engaging part of the track, owing only to Alika’s staggering vocal range. The issue is that even the most fleeting interest has gone by the time she shows off her flair two minutes in. 

Alika isn’t a bad artist, and she’s the furthest from being a bad vocalist. But her offering is naff.

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