Single: Rosa Linn, Duncan Laurence – Would Do It Again Review

Image – NVAK Collective / Columbia Records

After riding the never-ending crest of the wave of her sleeper hit Snap, Rosa Linn has proved she isn’t a one-hit wonder with her new single. 

Would Do It Again recounts the pain of Rosa Linn’s breakup. She is wishing to go through the brutality and suffering of falling out of love just to see the boy again. 

There’s a glorious synergy between Rosa Linn and Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence who joins her on the track. Laurence’s creamy and dominant vocals are effortless. Rosa Linn’s are beautiful and whispering. The pair were meant to sing this together. 

It takes a minute for the guiding hand of a drumbeat to be introduced to the track. It opens the door for further layers of instruments to be added and everything comes to a wonderful climax. 

It’s difficult to critique this single. The intention to tell a story of positive and negative emotions is brilliantly executed. Rosa Linn has changed up into a new gear.

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