Moldova: Pasha Parfeni – Soarele și Luna Review

Image – Lautar Music Lab

Pasha Parfeni’s Eurovision comeback song, Soarele și Luna, is a deep and spiritual ode to his wife in an old-meets-new musical package. 

Moldovan artists often know what they’re doing to hit a televote-friendly brief. Three-time Eurovision representatives for the country Zdob și Zdub are peerless when it comes to crafting something especially for pleasing fun-loving and frivolous Eurovision audiences, but Parfeni is a close second. Soarele și Luna is representing a mature, all grown up Moldova, but still manages to please a certain ear. 

The track wears a deep, dark and mysterious complexion early on, but the facade is soon broken by the chorus. Parfeni is joined by a full-voiced choir of voices to sing the lyrical hook before the ancient sound of the Balkan kaval and the undercurrent of a driving bassline show their true collective worth. It allows the listener in and establishes a connection effortlessly. 

Soarele și Luna is celestial, not in a Liam Gallagher way, though. Parfeni sings as if his marriage and love are guided by the sun, the moon and the stars. 

A beautiful, non-confirmative dedication to Parfeni’s wife, Soarele și Luna is contagious folk-pop.

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