Israel: Noa Kirel – Unicorn Review

Image – KAN

An eight-month fanfare from artist announcement to song reveal was worth it for this payoff. 

Noa Kirel’s song Unicorn is a case study in how to mix musical styles and genres. The execution of producing four differently paced songs within three minutes of music is exquisite. 

Getting the only critique out of the way; the track’s Electric Light Orchestra-inspired intro really could have been chopped because Kirel’s vocal lead right after it would have sounded more natural coming from a silent start. 

As Unicorn progresses from verse to chorus, there’s a vast jump in pace and rhythm that should be difficult to consume. Instead, the confidence in production has allowed each element to shine individually and in a weirdly contradictory detached fusion. 

The second chorus displays a symphonic chord progression, backlit by a beautiful orchestral arrangement that lifts the song. Kirel’s vocals aren’t outshone by the composition, you can hear her talent loud and clear.

Even the least impressionable audience should find some enjoyment in Unicorn.

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