Eurovision 2023: Ranking the Nordic entries

Europe’s Nordic countries have the biggest collective enthusiasm for Eurovision than any other region, and that passion is almost always channelled to perfection into their songs for the contest. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden typically never miss, and this year is no different. Callum Rowe ranks their 2023 entries. 

5. Denmark

Image – Reiley

This really is less of a fifth place, and more of a joint fourth. Even then, joint fourth is hardly warranted because Reiley’s song Breaking My Heart is Denmark’s most relevant and polished Eurovision entry in years. 

The song relies heavily on the use of a vocal distortion through a vocoder which makes it entirely unique. It’s a synthpop wonder of a track. 

Reiley is set to open the second Semi Final in Liverpool, a vote of confidence in him and the track to be able to secure the attention of a worldwide audience. 

4. Iceland

Image – Helgi Ómars

As debut singles go, Diljá’s Power is a belter. And as a song to represent Iceland at Eurovision? Fair play. 

Power is a gutsy number that allows Diljá to show off her full vocal range, and then some. It’s packed with synths, a stomping bass and a singalong chorus. What’s not to love? 

3. Norway

Image – Ulrik Kramer / NRK

Perhaps recency bias has worked against Queen Of Kings in this Nordic ranking. 

Released more than three months ago now, the song’s initial impact has worn off and its ultimate popularity peak might be in the rearview mirror. 

This is not to do Queen Of Kings a disservice as it still smashes almost everything else at the contest into smithereens with its slap of EDM elements. As for Alessandra, she’s a rock vocally. 

2. Finland

Image – Nelli Kenttä

Off-stage, Käärijä is a funny guy; he’s enigmatic and quirky. On-stage, he’s entirely different; he struts with confidence and performs with purpose. 

Käärijä’s song, Cha Cha Cha, will command attention and prompt emotional responses ranging from amusement to curiosity, hysteria to exhaustion and surprise to fulfilment. 

The track doesn’t stop, and neither does Käärijä. 

Cha Cha Cha is a Eurovision winner in any other year without Loreen. 

1. Sweden

Image – Alma Bengtsson / SVT

Did someone say Loreen? 

The often-proclaimed Queen of Eurovision makes her return this year with a song that’s a treasure trove of musical brilliance. 

Tattoo is leagues above everything else in this year’s contest, and it’s by no accident. No stone has been left unturned in the production of the song. The attention to detail goes down to a microscopic level. 

Loreen is at her vocal best. From the whispering, cotton-like start to the explosive chorus, she’s unbeatable. 

Tattoo deserves to win Eurovision this year and go on to be a worldwide hit.

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