Norway: Alessandra – Queen of Kings Review

Image – Universal Music Norway

Topping Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart isn’t always a barometer of future success, but Alessandra has set herself up for such with her crushing victory in Norway’s Eurovision national selection. 

Queen of Kings was doing numbers on Spotify and TikTok even before it won Melodi Grand Prix. That wasn’t by accident. It deserves it. 

The track takes one deep breath at the start to give itself life for 2:30 and beyond. The track’s pulsating EDM beat that gives the first verse some backbone swiftly changes to an attack on the senses once the chorus takes hold. There’s no escape. And why would you want to try? 

The message of empowerment for women is thoughtful and packaged well. Alessandra is the perfect performer for this. Her live vocal shakes in places, but it doesn’t hold back the potential she has and the track has. 

I’d usually argue for a track that doesn’t hit Eurovision’s three minute limit to use up the free space it has. With Queen of Kings, however, the pace, aggression and vibrancy it presents fit just right into 150 seconds.

4 thoughts on “Norway: Alessandra – Queen of Kings Review

  1. Her song gives me major Ruslana – Wild dances vibes. That song will always be a huge Eurovision favorite of mine. I’ve only heard Queen of kings today but I already love it. Here’s hoping Alessandra wins this year’s song contest. She deserves it.


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