Belgium: Gustaph – Because Of You Review

Image – Gustaph

It’s easy to dress up a dated song in the costume of nostalgia. Gustaph’s Eurovision entry Because Of You wears that outfit well.

The 42-year-old singer has a soulful voice and uses it to its full potential from the get-go. The tone of the track sinks into dated disco a mere number of seconds in and it’s at this point the listener meets the crossroads enjoyment. Turn left at the crossroads and the light and fluffy melody’s repetition won’t become aggravating and will be the backbone of musical pleasure. Turn right and your finger might well be dangling over the skip button. 

Because Of You comes alive when it’s performed live. That’s not to say it’s lifeless in a studio, but it needs the atmosphere of a venue to thrive. Even if it was lifeless, Gustaph would give it some camp spirit to kick it into life. 

Yes, it’s handmade to perform second in the running order of the Eurovision Grand Final – if it even gets that far – but despite its flaws the track is enjoyable.

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