Slovenia: Joker Out – Carpe Diem Review

Image – Virgin Music

Joker Out haven’t just seized the day, they’ve seized the attention of an entire continent. 

The five-piece indie rock band’s song for Slovenia, Carpe Diem, is performed entirely in their mother tongue, yet there is little danger that it will fail to translate to international consumers. The track’s intro is far from punchy, but a mature and heavy bassline explodes seconds in and builds the song higher and higher. 

A razor-sharp guitar solo at the end of Carpe Diem’s energetic chorus elongates it before the pared back second verse allows the track to breathe for a few seconds. It isn’t long until the perfectly structured and engineered chorus roars back into life. 

The band’s frontman, Bojan Cvjetićanin, is in fine form. He doesn’t put a foot wrong. The man knows his limits and reaches to, and not beyond them. 

Joker Out have been economical in their use of time on this track and each member plays to their strengths. Carpe Diem cannot be overlooked.

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