Lithuania: Monika Linkytė – Stay Review

Image – Creative Industries

Monika Linkytė’s Eurovision comeback is a true to self musical piece that turns years of pain into a joyful, emotional release. 

Stay’s intro is headlined by the chanting of the Lithuanian folk phrase “Čiūto tūto”, which later shows itself to be the hook of the track. By the time the chorus arrives, the centrepiece is already bolted into your head which maximises its impact. 

The repetitive piano chords appear sombre at first – which help tell the narrative of the difficulties Linkytė has faced in her life – but added with further instrumentation, they later sound gleeful to mirror the sigh of relief the chorus offers. 

If there was a chance that adding Lithuanian lyrics to Stay would disenfranchise some listeners, its warm, gospel glow helps broaden its appeal. This song should do Lithuania proud.

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