Ireland: Wild Youth – We Are One Review

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Indie music often feels out-of-place at Eurovision. Crowbar some pop into the arrangement and it feels far more at home. 

Irish indie band Wild Youth have taken a small step away from their usual sound to create something more friendly for the contest. We Are One features a near-euphoric, singalong chorus – something done to perfection on the band’s previous releases. However, it’s impossible not to hear Will Young’s 2015 single Joy during We Are One’s chorus. The Pop Idol winner might want to bang on the door for some royalties. 

We Are One is cookie-cutter stuff. It’s tame. It’s soft. It’s light-hearted. I want more. The muffled piano-led melody that guides the music from the intro is too familiar. The lyrics of togetherness have been done to death by artists aplenty. Yes, it’s uplifting. It’s energetic. It’s bright. But give me more. 

I have no doubt that I’ll not be able to get enough of We Are One by the time the contest comes around in May. I’ll be rooting for the lads to bring some success to Ireland for once. But it’s whether the tameness of the overall package will work in the favour of Wild Youth when they present the song in front of millions of viewers will win enough people over.

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