Armenia: Brunette – Future Lover Review

Image – Brunette

A musical loving dedication is something that can often be tiring and wearisome. A loving dedication one, five or even 10 years into the future is more original and thoughtful. 

Future Lover is a dedication to the one that hasn’t yet arrived. Their arrival is unknown, but Brunette is happy to wait. 

The track begins with Brunette’s dreamy yet haunting vocals. They are undercut slightly by the piano matching her melody. It’s not a typical, cookie-cutter ballad. It’s more mature than that. 

The first half of Future Lover races by quicker than expected, especially given its leisurely pace. Come the second half, an explosion of the lyrical embodiment of a panic attack engulfs the track, making it something it didn’t necessarily need to become. Attention shouldn’t really be waning enough to warrant the need for a whiplash direction change. 

The orchestral arrangement is large and grand. It gives the track an extra kick, but Brunette doesn’t need the help. 

Brunette is the star on this track. She’ll shine on stage in Liverpool.

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