Switzerland: Remo Forrer – Watergun Review

Image – Manifester Music

Remo Forrer is a hauntingly captivating vocalist. The composition of the music on Watergun is grand. But the reminders of war aren’t welcome. 

Watergun’s opening piano bars could easily be predictable and fit into an overused mould, but they have flare and specs of glee. What a shame it is, then, that the glee doesn’t stick around. 

Forrer’s voice booms from his gut, even in the verses. His vocals stand above the rest of his male counterparts at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. He creates a memorable melody in the choruses. 

The lyrics in Watergun reference blood and body bags. Yes, the song is anti-war, but I don’t want such visceral and almost tangible reminders of the horrors of war. 

Watergun is so Switzerland. Based on recent years, that description would allow the song to either succeed or crash.

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