Single: Pia Maria – White Noise Review

Image – Warner Music Germany

Pia Maria’s second solo single of 2022 is a confident step up from I Know U Know, despite that being a credible debut. 

White Noise is heavily reliant on Pia Maria’s voice being anything but that. This new track’s chorus is one of crying and calling vocals that create a simple and loud melody, teased cleverly in the intro. After shaking off negative criticism of her live vocals during Eurovision season earlier this year, she sounds a more polished and professional singer than ever before. 

The song’s instrumentation is pared back and simple, carefully produced not to take the front seat on a track that is dependent on Pia Maria herself. There are certain lyrical elements that have impressive vocal layering that create a three-dimensional listening experience. 

With two brilliant solo singles under her belt, fingers crossed Pia Maria’s next task is to create an EP of equal quality.

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