Single: Cornelia Jakobs – Rise Review

Image – Warner Music Sweden

In her first single since the heartbreaking Hold Me Closer, Cornelia Jakobs can see the glorious light having been in the distant dark for so long. 

Rise lures you in for the first 60 seconds to be something that it won’t ultimately be. Those hoping for something pared back musically will be disappointed when the minute mark appears. An explosion of pop music instrumentation gives the song a spark of life that quickly turns into a burning fire of drums and guitars. 

Jakobs vocals are the only constant. She manages to stay at the same articulated level throughout, even on both sides of the track’s transition of pace. 

“I’m slowly getting closer to the light” Jakobs repetitively sings in the anthemic final chorus which is crying out for a choir of voices to join in as they listen. 

Jakobs doesn’t put a foot wrong on this track. She doesn’t put a toe wrong; not even a toenail. This is glorious, illuminating and encouraging pop music.

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