Single: Amanda Tenfjord – I’ll Stay Review

Image – Propellor Recordings

After announcing the title of her debut album In Hindsight earlier this week, Amanda Tenfjord has released what she has promised is the final single from the record before it is released in two weeks. 

I’ll Stay is the most brutally sad single Tenfjord has ever released. Reflective and high piano notes are played at the start of the track like hushed tears rolling down a cheek. They are contrasted moments later as the verse begins by deeper, lower piano notes akin to a painful gasp of air. 

Tenfjord is singing about loving for two, giving her all to someone who isn’t giving even half in return. She’s blinded by love but not clueless to her lack of metaphorical vision. It’s a similar tale of unrequited love that was told on Plans but the story is much more visceral. 

I’ll Stay takes your heart and rips it out. It squeezes it and leaves it discarded like a forgotten love.

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