Monthly Music Roundup – September 2022

September started with a bang as Eurovision 2022’s runner-up dropped a collaborative single with two of the world’s biggest DJs. A few singles, an EP and a landmark studio album followed before the month ended. 

Single: Sigala, David Guetta & Sam Ryder – Living Without You

This was a collaboration nobody was expecting. Sigala and David Guetta are two of the biggest names in dance music so it was a ringing endorsement for Sam Ryder and his mindblowing talent to have these two gents knocking on his door with a track that needed vocals. 

Ryder lent his voice to the track in a way few others would be able to. Living Without You is EDM through and through. Its energy is high and drop is insane. 

Single: wrs – La Melodía

Wrs’ second studio release after representing Romania at Eurovision is cut from the same cloth as Llámame and If You Were Alone. However, La Melodía is a heightened and more polished offering. 

It’s short, sharp and exciting. It’s what wrs does best. 

Single: Reddi – Bad Pop Song

Reddi’s Eurovision song The Show really divided opinion; so much so that the band failed to qualify for the contest’s Grand Final back in May. On reflection, the song deserved better. 

If The Show deserved better, new single Bad Pop Song deserves more. It’s packed full of nostalgic riffs that aren’t dated and travels at 100mph from beginning to end. 

Single: Amanda Tenfjord, Evangelia – Aman

We’re being royally treated by Amanda Tenfjord this year. Aman was her fourth single in 2022 alone and was the last single release before her debut album drops in October. 

Greek singer Evangelia teamed up with Tenfjord on this track to give it a more enhanced Greek flavour. 

Single: Circus Mircus – Soul Pop

Predicting the musical direction of any Circus Mircus singles is always a foolish game to play. Those playing that particular game ahead of Soul Pop might’ve been wide of the mark. 

It’s funky, synth-driven and surprisingly not irritating given its repetitive nature. 

Single: Systur – Dusty Road

This is spectacularly and pleasantly pared back. That should be unsurprising given Systur are a country and folk trio. 

We were kept waiting for Dusty Road but it was worth the wait. The track is so simple and charming. A lot is left to the wandering imagination. 

Album: The Rasmus – Rise

The Rasmus’ teeth studio album was highly anticipated following their Eurovision participation with Jezebel

Some of the album Rise can be disregarded. What is left is exceptional, however. Jezebel is undoubtedly the star of the record but Live and Never Die, Rise and Written in Blood deserve plaudits. 

EP: Brooke – Chaotic Heart

Two years of music in the making, Brooke has released her debut EP. 

Chaotic Heart is a perfect package of five songs that beautifully illustrate what Ireland’s finest pop star has been up to in the first chapter of her musical life.

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