Single: Reddi – Bad Pop Song Review

Image – Universal Music Denmark

Reddi’s first single release since the departure of lead guitarist Agnes Roslund back in June is a confident piece brimming with nostalgic riffs. 

For absolute clarity right off the bat, the title of Bad Pop Song is not indicative of the quality of music the track produces. Yes, the song does feel 00s in its production but that is to be expected considering it was written, composed and produced by Chief 1, a man synonymous with this generational sound. 

Bad Pop Song sparks into life at the speed of light. A kicking beat is accompanied by whirring guitars before vocalist Siggy Savery takes the lead beautifully. “Time is ticking away,” she sings in the first verse. She is yearning and waiting for someone to make their move; emotions that are musically matched by clockwork guitar picking. 

There’s so much in this short track. The final minute races by in the blink of an eye as the tempo and energy both reach their peak. 

Bad Pop Song is a vat of vitality and vigour from beginning to end. Reddi should be over the moon with this.

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