Single: Amanda Tenfjord, Evangelia – Aman Review

Image – Propeller Recordings

Amanda Tenfjord’s fourth single from her forthcoming album is an other-worldly collaboration worthy of praise and plaudits. 

A knocking beat almost overwhelms Tenfjord during the opening bars of Aman. Contradictingly she rises above this with her recognisably soft and fragile voice. Once the pre-chorus rolls in, the song has a natural, river-like flow which allows her to match and harmonise with the instrumentation more. 

The chorus itself is so simple in its production, composition and lyrics. It would have been a shame if it were any different. 

Tenfjord is joined on Aman by Greek singer Evangelia who adds a kick of flavour and language to the track. 

If it were on a scale, Aman would lean further in the direction of Plans than it would All In

With the release of Tenfjord’s debut album on October 21, we now have the clearest view of the mix of music we will be treated to.

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