Single: Circus Mircus – Soul Pop Review

Image – Stockton Records

It’s close to impossible to set any expectations about the music Circus Mircus will release. With that in mind, the Georgian indie band have surpassed even the most far-reaching predictions with their newest single. 

Soul Pop is Circus Mircus’ first conventional release since Lock Me In, although the band did release a version of future single Love Letters back in August but that was a live recording. 

Soul Pop sets out its stall from word go. A funky and synth-driven melody guides the song from beginning to end. It should be irritating. It isn’t. It’s charming. The ever-shaking tambourine playing exclusively down the left channel should also be irritating. It isn’t. It’s charming. 

The nameless vocalist on this track creates a different dimension for it to exist in. The sound of his voice swirls clockwise and anticlockwise which manage to create thoughtfulness. What exactly does he mean as he sings “See, I’m on fire, that’s not enough”? Later on he matches the funky melody to create more synergy. 

Is this a sound we’ll hear more of from Circus Mircus upcoming album? Who knows? Not even they do. Probably.

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