Single: Circus Mircus – Love Letters Review

Image – Stockton Records

Three months on from finishing dead last at Eurovision in Turin, the enigmatic and mystifying Circus Mircus have released a live recording of a single taken from their upcoming EP. 

Split into two halves, Love Letters’ first minute is lyrical poetry which hinges on the heartache of a lover leaving. “I get lonely when you walk away,” is the relatable opening line of the track. This is balanced by the repetition of admittance “I don’t mind cause I get by.” 

The second half of this release is a mini musical breakdown. It’s a 90s inspired minute of slow paced grunge. The flat yet melodic sound of a Rhodes piano softens the aggression from the drums and guitars. 

The track should appeal to a wider audience after the package of Lock Me In was confusing to some and misunderstood by others. 

Love Letters was recorded at the band’s first intimate live show at Stockton Records in Tbilisi, Georgia which gives the raw and rusty sound more authenticity.

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