Single: Sam Ryder – Somebody Review

Image – Parlophone Records Limited

Eurovision runner-up Sam Ryder’s highly anticipated follow-up single is a belter of a track that feels as warm as a reassuring cuddle. 

The infectiousness of Somebody is on display from the opening bars with a fun hook of repetitive “do, do-dos”. It might be easy for some to cast this intro aside and label it lazy but it’s far from it. It’s just about impossible not to smile listening to it. 

A playful and illuminating piano leads the melody throughout the intro and into the first verse. It acts somewhat as a contrast to Ryder’s absolutely rapturous vocals that are unmistakably his trademark. Listen to him go for it in the final pre-chorus of the track. 

That unquestionably unrivalled voice of his sings messages of love and support through the chorus especially. “Before this lovе leaves your body, give it away,” is the ultimate lyrical embodiment of what Sam Ryder stands for. There is no doubt that this man practises what he preaches. 

Somebody is a gentle and smiling reminder that there are good people in the world and that there is always love to be given and received. Life is worth living listening to this.

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