Monthly Music Roundup – August 2022

With June and July in mind, the month of August was comparatively quiet in terms of new music releases by the representatives of Eurovision 2022. That said, the music we did get was top dollar. 

Single: Circus Mircus – Love Letters

Toned down from the visual obscurity that was paired with the 00s indie sounding Lock Me In, Circus Mircus’ follow-up release Love Letters is a couple of minutes of more established and recognisable music. 

It’s a short, sharp track that packs grunge guitars and lyrical heartache. Although this released version is a live recording, it is a taste of what’s to come from the band’s EP scheduled for release later this year. 

Single: Sam Ryder – Somebody

This was the follow-up single that was one of the most highly anticipated from anyone who participated in Eurovision this year. 

After reaching stratospheric heights with the success of Space Man, Ryder has served up a smiling little single that features his trademark rapturous vocals and the catchiest of melodies. 

Single: Brooke – Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker is the second single Brooke has released since Eurovision in May. Tongues came first and this new track is cut from the same cloth. 

It’s an “anti break-up song” that doesn’t tick the usual boxes associated with the subject which is refreshing. 

Album: Maro – Can You See Me?

Intelligent Music Project’s tiresome and repetitive release aside because it only featured two members of the band who were in Turin, Maro’s Can You See Me? Is the first album from the class of Eurovision 2022. 

It’s 14 tracks of musical escapism and pop surrealism sprinkled with charming Portuguese language elements. It really is a must-listen.

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