Single: Sigala, David Guetta & Sam Ryder – Living Without You Review

Image – Sony Music Entertainment

A track by Sigala, David Guetta and Sam Ryder might seem random, but together they’ve scratched an itch that fans didn’t know they had. 

Living Without You is trademark Sigala. The instant hit of piano house that blends into the EDM piano soon after sets the track up for success immediately. 

Ryder’s voice isn’t as raspy and rough as we’ve come to expect from him, instead it’s a lot more playful and relaxed. He’s more familiar in the verses but as the drop hits his voice becomes distorted beyond recognition to help create the memorable melody that gives this song life. It’s refreshing to hear him lend his voice in this way. 

Guetta’s fingerprints are difficult to find on this track but his name on the door alone will give it some traction. 

Living Without You heralds not the end of summer, but the continuation of the warmth and happiness that the season brings.

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