Single: wrs – La Melodía Review

Image – Global Records

The recipe that wrs has been working on has been perfected with his latest single. 

La Melodía quickly gets the first verse out of the way to allow the short, sharp breakdown chorus to give a racing heartbeat to the track. 

Remembering what made Llámame so unforgettable while disregarding what made If You Were Alone slightly diluted, wrs has learned from both to make La Melodía his most heightened release of Latin dance music yet. 

The track is so fast-paced that the choruses are almost finishing just as they hit top gear. It’s slightly frustrating hearing the music suffocated in this way. With it clocking in at just 2:34, there would’ve been more room for the track to breathe had it been just 20 or 30 seconds longer. 

Just because the track is short it shouldn’t take away from how enjoyable the melodies and the hooks are. This is wrs at his creative best.

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