Single: Brooke – Heartbreaker Review

Image – V2 Records

Brooke’s new single is an honest and relatable story of a break-up that continues on the same enjoyable path of musical creativity as her previous releases. 

Heartbreaker announces itself with a soft and kicking beat that is matched beautifully by Brooke’s glossy vocals. Those vocals become layered in the pre-chorus, a technique that was used to success on previous single Tongues

The chorus is the natural peak of this track. Brooke hits the vocal heights you’d expect while the instrumentation breathes loud elements to make the whole arrangement anthemic. The acoustic guitar through the chorus grounds Heartbreaker and prevents it from being something it shouldn’t. 

That thing it shouldn’t be is your typically crushing and heartless sentiment shoehorned into a fancy melody just for the sake of it. Self-described as an “anti break-up song”, Brooke held close the responsibility of not upsetting her then boyfriend she was leaving while still prioritising her own feelings. Because this comes from the Irish singer’s heart and because it’s written from her own point of view, the whole package is more honest and palatable. 

This is reality inviting and relatable soft pop music that develops the flavour that can be expected from Brooke’s debut EP which is scheduled for release next month.

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