Single: Brooke – Tongues Review

Image Credit – V2 Records

Ireland’s Brooke has turned down the tempo but turned up the love on her follow-up single Tongues

Carrying on the contemporary sound from That’s Rich – the song that she represented Ireland at Eurovision with – Brooke kicks off Tongues with dreamy and glowing vocals from the opening line that makes it easy to appreciate her voice much more than before. 

A driving piano house inspired melody in the pre-chorus makes way for a racing chorus filled with layered and melodic synthesised vocals which are infectious beyond belief. 

Brooke clearly has reason to be happy in the story of Tongues as she sings about the moments of physical and emotional connection in the early stages of love – and perhaps lust –  that leave you breathless. 

Tongues is a perfect display of charming and professional pop music that ought to be occupying a slot on every summer playlist.

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