Single: Stefan – Miraaž Review

Image Credit – Moonwalk

Stefan has released the follow-up single to Hope that he took to 13th place in the Eurovision Grand Final last month for Estonia and it’s an uptempo transition away from the country feel of that song. 

Miraaž (English: Mirage) is a 170+BPM kicker of a track that shifts into top gear a mere number of seconds in. Stefan sings in his native Estonian, a language he enunciates with such flamboyant flare on this track. 

Miraaž is packed with 80s synth pop influences which is an explorative direction for Stefan. Estonian music icon Sven Lõhmus has influence on the track and it’s clear as the production is slick and tone perfect. 

In Hope Stefan’s voice was centre stage but in Miraaž it takes more of a back seat role. That said, he props up the simple musical breakdown in the chorus well. 

Stefan is releasing an album later this summer and it would be great if the musical feel of Miraaž influences the rest of the track list.

Featured image credit – EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

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