Monthly Music Roundup – June 2022

Eurovision stars from the 2022 contest have been busy releasing music this month with a smattering of singles and an impressive English language EP among the highlights. 

Single: Pia Maria – I Know U Know

The flavour of Pia Maria’s debut solo release is, perhaps, not what many would have expected considering the nature of her Eurovision collaboration Halo

I Know U Know is a spooky affair that is packed with intrigue and a dark undertone. The vocals are whispering and almost threatening. 

Single: Stefan – Miraaž

Sung in his native Estonian, Miraaž by Stefan is a high tempo track packed with influences from 1980s synthpop music. 

Estonian producer Sven Lõhmus has his fingerprints on Miraaž so you know it’ll be a joy even before you listen to it. 

Single: Malik Harris – You & I

Clearly not dissuaded by placing last at Eurovision, Malik Harris’ follow-up single You & I was released soon after the contest ended and is a genuine treat. 

The track takes a while to get going but the melody is pleasant and Harris manages to carry off a stark juxtaposition between the story and the music. 

Single: The Rasmus – Rise

The Rasmus’ follow-up single to the monster of a track that is Jezebel was highly anticipated and the band delivered. 

Written by Desmond Child and the band’s frontman Lauri Ylönen, Rise allows Ylönen himself to show off strong vocal capacity while complex string arrangements sit well with an orchestra of guitars. 

Single: Mia Dimšić – Stuck On You

The Croatian songstress has another complicated love affair on her new track Stuck On You

This is funky, mid-tempo pop that you’ll want to hear time and time again. 

Single: Citi Zēni – Lieka Štuka

If Eat Your Salad was your jam, this new release by Citi Zēni might take you by surprise. 

Lieka Štuka is more of a chilled track than the Eurovision fan favourite entry with a spongy and electronic beat guiding the song from start to finish. 

Single: Rosa Linn – Snap (Fargo Remix)

You’d be lying if you said you expected Snap to get the best remix of the Eurovision entries this year. 

LA-based DJ Fargo packed a lot into this short and sharp release. The authenticity of the original version of the song remains but a new audience can be beckoned in with the musical modernity this remix offers. 

EP: Maro – Like We’re Wired

Portuguese singer Maro’s first fully English language EP is a delight. 

Stick this on for 15 minutes and enjoy the four songs that Maro has created. Emotions of love, lust and hurt are laid bare throughout, fused with charm and gorgeous melodies. 

Single: Amanda Tenfjord – All In

All In is Amanda Tenfjord’s most uptempo release so far from her upcoming debut album. 

The music is feelgood and smile-inducing while Tenfjord’s voice is unmistakable and enjoyable. 

Single: Vladana – Prevarena

This is not the style of music anyone would have reasonably expected from Vladana considering her previous release Breathe

Prevarena is a track inspired hugely by synthpop of the 1980s and might take some getting used to for people who love Balkan language ballads rather than Balkan language pop songs.

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