Single: Amanda Tenfjord – All In Review

Image – Propellor Recordings

Amanda Tenfjord’s second single in the space of a month is a welcome change of pace and emotion compared to her previous releases. 

Following Die Together and Plans, new single All In is about trusting your gut when it comes to love, according to the artist herself. It’s refreshing hearing her sing so positively after the heartache of a story told in Plans

The 126BPM tempo is feelgood and smile-inducing despite the beat itself being rather simple. An orchestra of rapidly played acoustic guitars offer a complex contrast to the simplicity of the beat. 

The bridge of this track nods to the bridge of Die Together as the melodies are shared. It might be easy to suggest this is lazy but it’s intelligent to link the two songs musically. 

Listening to All In you’ll find yourself rooting for Tenfjord in this romantic adventure.

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