Single: Amanda Tenfjord – Plans Review

Image Credit – Propeller Recordings

Amanda Tenfjord’s new track Plans allows the Greek-Norwegian singer to put her confident vocal fragility at the heart of the release which makes the song a compelling listen. 

Plans is a relatable story of what could have been for someone who is dealing with a lost love who has clearly moved on. Tenfjord plays the victim in the story as she sings that she “should have seen it coming”. There isn’t a further deep-dive into the who, what and why but the song doesn’t need it; the story tells itself through just a few short, heartbreaking lines. 

Tenfjord’s Eurovision contribution Die Together was a song of two halves; the first showing that less is more with the second proving the opposite. Both musical techniques worked but it was Tenfjord’s delicate vocals in the first minute of the track that set it apart from other entries in the Grand Final. With that in mind she has allowed herself a full track to exhibit just how engaging her raw vocals are. 

Plans is thankfully lacking in musical grandeur. Deep strings contrast the sentimental piano-led melody that provide the musical backbone to a song led by Tenfjord’s unwavering talent.

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