Slovenia: Last Pizza Slice – Disko Review

Image Credit – David Lotrič Banović / RTV Slovenia

Slovenia’s convoluted national selection process for Eurovision came to a welcome conclusion with the band Last Pizza Slice taking victory with their song Disko

It’s hard to draw obvious comparisons to Disko. This naturally works in the band’s favour in that the track is original. There’s an attention-grabbing kick of Americana jazz from word go which weaves its way through the entire track. It’s a refreshing vibe. 

Frontman Filip Vidušin is seemingly aware of what he can and can’t do vocally and uses his lack of range to his advantage in the track keeping a level tone throughout. Although his voice does begin to grate ever so slightly by minute three. 

The composition of the track is tight but it could well become insufferable after a few listens. Disko would be fantastic as an instrumental but good luck getting that past Eurovision organisers.

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