Single: Pia Maria – I Know U Know Review

Image – Pia Maria

Pia Maria’s debut solo release is far removed from the uptempo banger Halo that she provided vocals for at Eurovision last month. 

I Know U Know is a spooky and mysterious affair that has a moody graveyard movie scene sound terrifying its way out of the speakers from the opening moments. The entire track has a dark undertone throughout. 

The verses of I Know U Know carry a repetitive and infectious melody that has a slow enough pace that allows the listener some time to try and figure out what secrets are being kept behind the lyrics. 

A whispering and almost threatening vocal adds even more intrigue to the pre-chorus before more layered vocals slap any mystery away to be taken by the obvious prominence of lust. 

The musical style of I Know U Know really suits Pia Maria and its genre is on a path that could be explored further and further with future releases.

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