Single: Subwoolfer – Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song) Review

Image – Universal Music

Subwoolfer’s quest for grandmas and fruit continues with their brand new single Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song)

Peach in Spanish, Melocoton is a continuation of comedic class from Subwoolfer following Give That Wolf A Banana and their parody of Grace Kelly by Mika, Space Kelly. The innuendo of wanting a peach is as obvious as it possibly could be. 

The hook and chorus serve as the intro to the track with an infectious and ravenous earworm. The repetition of “Donk donk donka donka donk” will eat away at the intended productivity of anyone listening to the song. 

Keith and Jim have clearly welcomed their newfound life and existence on Earth, singing about wanting to “hit the bars and beaches” and appreciating that the extraordinary work of teachers, nurses and policemen should be rewarded with “a piece of juicy melocoton”. 

Forgiving the jovial nature of the lyrics, this is a song with high levels of production and attention to detail. 

Melocoton is an essential for any summer playlist whether you enjoy good-natured humour or not.

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