Single: Subwoolfer feat. Luna Ferrari – Howling Review

Image – Universal Music

Subwoolfer are joined on their newest single by their sister ‘Luna Ferrari’ and it helps make it the lunar wolves’ friendliest release to-date. 

Howling does away with the typical fruit related innuendos that we’ve grown to expect from Subwoolfer on previous releases. Lyrically the song does continue the narrative of the pair being wolves but it’s more subtle and intelligent than the title suggests. 

The intro makes this track instantly recognisable as one of Subwoolfer’s with their signature ‘oohs’ built into their favourite beat structure. 

Ferrari – who has a marked similarity to Alexandra Rotan from Keiino – leads the track from the pre-chorus and gives depth to the predominantly instrumental chorus breakdown. 

Give That Wolf a Banana is a polarising track and its self-aware humour isn’t for everyone. Melocoton is equally as silly but musically it is more progressive. Howling gets the balance just right.

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