EP: Maro – Like We’re Wired Review

Image – Secca & Co

Maro has released her first fully English language EP and it’s packed with romantic honesty woven together with the charm and relaxation of her unmistakable vocals. 

Like We’re Wired’s titular track is far removed from the song she represented Portugal with at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Saudade, Saudade. Maro sings of the initial romantic connection we feel with a partner when realising that they’re the one, conceding that it’s cheesy in the lyrics. But it isn’t. This track is not a gushy outpouring of love and affection, it’s a genuine and professional take on how it feels to be falling in love. 

It Keeps Raining is a heartbreaking juxtaposition to the opening track of this release. Maro is coming to terms with someone not loving her back and realising that it might be time to say goodbye. That said, her staccato singing in the chorus suggests a reluctance to end the relationship. The R&B beat through the chorus and verses offer a wildly different pace to the other tracks. 

This EP’s most intimate track is We’ve Been Loving In Silence. Listening to it feels like you’re intruding on Maro’s innermost thoughts and emotions in bed. It is a comfortable place to be, however. The pace of the track is an invitation to keep digging and discovering how she feels. There are no turbulent thoughts, just honest descriptions about the inner feeling of warmth through a tactile bond to a lover. 

There’s no baggage to the four tracks together on Like We’re Wired. By the time you reach the closing song Am I Not Enough For Now? there’s a desire for the tracks to keep coming. The song’s chorus balances the suffering repeating titular lyric with a genuinely pleasant melody as Maro sings of the instant jealousy of a partner being preoccupied in a new relationship. 

It would be remiss to critique this EP when overwhelmingly joyous emotions take over during the quarter of an hour it takes to listen. It’s pure indulgent escapism.

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