Single: The Rasmus – Rise Review

Image Credit – Playground Music

The Rasmus’ follow-up single to Jezebel is an aggressive and honest interpretation of dealing with the fight against depression. 

Rise opens with razor-like guitars before more punchy riffs usher in Eleanor Rigby style strings that add a charming identity to the track.

Singer Lauri Ylönen is in fine form on this single. He comes into his own during the chorus and ultimately takes his vocals to an impressive new level in the final chorus. 

Co-written and produced with Desmond Child, Rise is less accessible than Jezebel but more authentic to The Rasmus’ true rock sound. 

The track ends with a trio of intimidating sounds: a tolling bell, a slowing ticking clock and a lonely chime. It’s a combination that could easily form the gateway to a new musical era for the band.

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