Single: Citi Zēni – Lieka Štuka Review

Image – TCLV Records

The boys from Citi Zēni have released their follow-up single to Eat Your Salad and it’s a 50/50 combination of chilled out vibes and utter infectiousness. 

Lieka Štuka is a release the band are happy for non-Latvian speakers to enjoy despite the language barrier. “You can vibe with the song even if you don’t understand the words,” they said in an Instagram post. It’s easy to obey that command. 

A spongy and electronic beat opens the chorus that hits as soon as the track starts. It’s a welcome opener that begins to loop as the song continues. 

The verses do seem a little detached from the chorus which makes the track feel a little stop and start but each section is a joy to listen to nevertheless. 

Lieka Štuka’s crescendo chorus builds with layered vocals muttering throughout which adds to the contradictory scaled back grandeur of the track. 

Do not be fooled, Lieka Štuka is not the aggressively in-your-face affair that Eat Your Salad is. It is far more intelligent, sensible and objectively infectious.

Featured Image – EBU / Corinne Cumming

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