EP: Brooke – Chaotic Heart Review

Image – V2 Records / Shivers PR

Brooke’s debut EP Chaotic Heart is a collection of five tracks that beautifully reflect her journey in music over the last couple of years. 

2020 single Attention opens the five song selection. It’s so effortlessly rhythmic with sounds akin to Sigrid’s 2017 single Strangers. An energetic start to the EP. 

Recent anti break-up release Heartbreaker makes an appearance next and it’s impressive to see just how far Brooke has come creatively in just two years. The single seemed to fly under the radar when it was released in August, but with it sounding more impressive on this EP it should be garnering more positive awareness. 

Sat right in the middle of the other four songs is That’s Rich. Not to the detriment of the other tracks but it sounds elevated alongside them all and it’s a reminder of how much the Eurovision Grand Final needed her and That’s Rich in it. The song is packed full of attitude, pace and production modernity. 

Tongues single-handedly manages to restore the love that was lost in the narrative of the previous tracks. Its tempo is slower which allows Brooke to create a more intimate connection to the listener. 

Brand new single Enough is a reflective ballad that shows a more honest, heartfelt and self-deprecating Brooke. It’s easy for the instrumentation in any ballad to drown out the vocals of the singer, but Brooke overcomes this with ease. Musically, it’s her most emotional single yet. 

Chaotic Heart perfectly illustrates chapter one of Brooke’s career and increases excitement about what chapter two might have in store.

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