Album: Sam Ryder – There’s Nothing But Space, Man! Review

Image – Parlophone

From recording and posting covers of the world’s favourite songs on TikTik to almost single-handedly turning the whole of the UK into Eurovision fans, Sam Ryder’s stratospheric rise to fame in the eyes and adoration in the hearts of UK, European and worldwide audiences is nothing short of remarkable. 

Releasing his debut album There’s Nothing But Space, Man! on the back of that rise that has also included performing with Queen and for The Queen, Ryder has delivered a collection of songs that convey the message of love, peace, respect and sincerity that he embodies. 

Deep Blue Doubt kicks off the tracklist and Ryder’s signature falsetto makes an almost immediate appearance, as it is paired with a glassy piano intro. His equally as signature raspy range is introduced this early on too as the track picks up pace. 2021 release Tiny Riot and new song OK are a pair of screamer tracks that allow Ryder to show off what makes his pipes as impressive as they are. He sounds the most comfortable on tracks like these. Space Man ticks this box too but that goes without saying. 

With its infectious and smile-inducing melody, summer single Somebody is the happiest song on the record. Ten Tons is piano-led with a similarly pleasing melody and gospel backing. Oh, and it’s got a whopper of a guitar solo. 

Not every track offers up what Ryder is famous for. Put A Light On Me is a pop affair that isn’t the best track on the record but certainly stands out for its difference. The After Hours era of The Weeknd would be proud of it. 

An honourable mention must be given to More which is about life being short. It’s easily accessible, understandable and strangely uplifting despite the sad reality it shines a light on. It’s currently soundtracking the BBC’s Christmas movies trailer. 

The title of this record is deceiving. Releasing a bunch of tracks that shapeshift through different genres, executing them all delightfully, Ryder shows that there’s way more than just space, man.

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