Georgia: Circus Mircus – Lock Me In Review

Image Credit – Universal

Describing themselves as a “movement that brings together dozens of professionals from different fields to create an unprecedented audio-visual experience”, Circus Mircus have delivered with their fun and inspiring track Lock Me In

Clocking in at just 2:35, the band have worked wonders to cram in all sorts. From word go there’s an instant indie hit with confusing lyrics that might put a smirk rather than a smile on your face. 

The second half of the first minute of Lock Me In features harmonies you might hear on a late 70s release by Electric Light Orchestra before giving way to a chorus that could easily be at home on a Kaiser Chiefs B-side from circa 2005. 

Lock Me In is complicated in structure but simple in its hook and entertainment. It’s funky and quirky composition makes it genuinely easy to enjoy guilt-free.

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